Tenant Rep - High Tech / Industrial: TW Metals

TW Metals - "Tenant Favorable" Options in a "Landlord Favorable" Market

Transaction Size:

78,000 SF

Broderick Group has represented TW Metals for over 10 years, completing three lease renewals in that time, all with different market conditions. In each instance, Broderick Group assisted TW Metals by completing an inclusive list of acceptable lease alternatives in its given geographic area and providing analysis associated with the pros and cons of a physical move. The latest renewal was challenging due to the low, 7% market vacancy rate, making it difficult to identify good alternatives.

Tenant Benefit

There was a low probability that TW Metals was going to move from its existing location, but Broderick Group was able to present realistic alternatives, creating negotiation leverage with TW Metal’s existing Landlord.

In the end, Broderick Group was able to assist in securing a relatively short term, 4-year lease with opportunities to expand if needed, allowing TW Metals to re-evaluate their facility needs in a comfortable time frame.

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