Sales: Lunde Center

Finding the Right Buyer for Lunde Center

Transaction Size:

62,379 SF

In the beginning of 2014, the land value of the Lunde Center exceeded the property value based on income stream. Broderick Group assisted the Lunde Family in maintaining the tenant base over the last few years, allowing an income stream to remain in place for a developer to have income through the development process. Broderick Group managed to secure a developer to buy Lunde Center that will begin construction of a two-building Memory Care Facility in April, 2016.

Seller/Buyer Benefit

By assisting in positioning Lunde Center for disposition, the Lunde Family was able to choose from several potential buyers. They were able to pick a developer that had a vision for Lunde Center benefiting the medical community long-term while exceeding expectations with regards to the financial outcome.

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